Why should you think about starting a business in Canada? If you are looking for a great growing dynamic and safe country to invest, innovate, grow or expand your valuable business or you have a novel business idea, don’t look further, “Think Canada”.

Reasons why foreign business persons to invest in Canada?

A welcoming Business Environment: Canada tops among G20 countries to do business and invest in.
A strong growth in Economy: Canada lead the G7 in Economic growth.
Unrivalled Market Access: Once CETA comes into effect foreign business owners will have an edge in their access to both NAFTA and EU.
Highly Educated Work Force: Canada’s workforce is the most educated among OECD with half of its work force have tertiary level education.
Law Business Tax: Business Tax in Canada is far lower compared to other countries in the League including US.
Competitive R&D: Canada is the country where potential investor incurs lowest R &D cost in G7
Financial Stability: World Economic Forum ranks Canada’s Banking System the Best in the world.
Great Place to Invest, live and work. The largest multicultural country in the world with world class universities, free education for all, free health care system, clean and friendly cities. Best country in the G7 to live peacefully.
So, Canada is the ultimate location to invest and seek a fortune. Why waste time? Immigration Exploring’s expert business advisors can hand hold you through the complex business immigration process.

An investor or a business enthusiast who like to open a business in Canada looking for a start up finance in Canada or want to make a passive investment in Canada, there is no reason they are not among Canadian entrepreneurs. It is a truth that thousand of aspiring investors apply for business visa to Canada but not all will be accepted, leaving many potential business immigration applicants unsuccessful in realizing their dream. So, this is a great reason why Immigration Exploring is an important partner in business immigration with expertise and proven track record in helping those who want to invest in Canada

Main Canadian Business Immigration Programs:

Provincial Business Immigration Programs
Self-Employment Opportunities
Canadian Start-up visa.
Quebec business Immigration Programs
Canadian Federal Investor Program (closed)
Canadian Federal Entrepreneur Program (Closed)
Why you need to choose your business immigration consultant carefully?

Many entrepreneurs in the world view Canada to be a better home for their businesses. Although Canada is a safe and prosperous country, Canada immigration, when it comes to business owners, entails complex legal provisions with several migration programs. It is possible for an applicant to follow the wrong procedure while applying. Any of the provincial investor program, the provincial entrepreneur program or federal self-employment or federal start-up program may be a better suit for an immigration applicant.

Numerous migration streams as well exist and they also are a direct path to permanent resident status. Yet, if there is an error while making the selection or picked the wrong migration stream, your application may be prolonged or even rejected. This is part of the genuine reasons why you need to consult a licensed counsel for Immigration to Canada so as to make the process easy as possible. An authorized consultant for Immigration to Canada can assist you in determining the correct program and as well connect you with business people in Canada to get started on the right foot. If you want to come with your family, a licensed consultant for Immigration to Canada will be sure that right procedures are followed. To make sure that your application will not be rejected, the right thing for you is to hire a licensed consultant for Immigration to Canada.

What to ask a certified consultant for Immigration to Canada about Canadian Investor Immigration?

Firstly, there is a need for business owner to retain a licensed consultant for Immigration. This may seem common sense but the fact remains that not all firms have the same thinking. It has been noticed often that the Canadian Business, Investor, Self Employed (SE) Immigration applications are being rejected due to the fact that right questions were not asked

Some of the necessary questions you should ask any person you are preparing to hire to assist you with your Canadian Business, Investor, Self Employed Immigration visa application are:

What program would be a perfect match for my needs to achieve my main objectives
Which professionals will your firm introduce me to in Canada to help with my business investment?
What does it require for me to obtain a business visitor Visa for an exploratory visit to review my prospects?
Will my family have the opportunity to migrate under this stream (if you have family)
A certified consultant for Immigration to Canada will have no problem with answering the above questions for you.

Why Should You Contact Immigration Exploring for an Assessment?

Immigration Exploring has expert and more than required level of knowledge and experience in the Canadian Business Immigration Programs. We recognize the necessity of compiling an efficient investor immigration application together with all the needed supporting documentations. If any of the required documents is missing in an application, such an application may be rejected.

We have strong relationships with numerous financial institutions, private banking groups, wealth management firms, venture capital firms, angel investors, accounting firms and loads of others. The experts at Immigration Exploring have the exceptional ability to ease the needs of individuals with high-net worth and their families to the highest possible standard.

We recognize the fact that individuals who have interest in Canadian Business & Investor immigration have their unique needs and requirements which we are willing and ready to attend to. You should be rest assured that our professional services are not limited to the submission of application only, rather, we will continue working with you in every aspect of the Visa process to make sure your goal is achieved. We are sure you will be excited with our services.

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