New Initiatives by IRCC and ICCRC

You can read about new initiatives taken by IRCC, ICCRC and all other service providers in Canadian Immigration on our site. IRCC is taking a number of new initiatives to make prospective immigrants and in Canada immigrant’s ( those who already reached Canada) life easier.

One of the new initiatives is Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. IRCC developed this program as a joint initiative of Federal Government and four Atlantic Provinces as an answer to the skilled labor shortage of those provinces. Now those who are qualified as a skilled worker can immigrate to Canada with comparatively low English or French score than through Express Entry. To know more about this, read our Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program page.

Another new initiative launched by IRCC and ICCRC is anti-fraud campaign. This is aimed at reducing number of illegal service providers in Canadian Immigration agent’s market. You are encouraged to read our anti-fraud initiative page to know more about this campaign. It is always good to be cautious before being scammed by illegals. ICCRC is also stepping up to crack down on illegal agents providing immigration advice for a fee to potential applicants trying to access Canadian immigration programs. Please watch IRCC and ICCRC video to know more about this topic on our site.

PASS is a new program started by Prepare for Canada to make nursing graduate’s immigration and resettlement in to Canada easy. Potential nursing graduates can watch the video to know more about their desirable career path in Canada without being lost in the beginning of your resettlement process once you reached Canada. Our resettlement page has some more resource on this topic especially if you are an internationally trained nurse.

Since Federal Investor and Entrepreneur Programs are closed in Business Immigration Class the IRCC is expected to announce major changes to business immigration programs run by Federal government. You can also read about changes brought to Express Entry Class, more accessible to applicants especially in Canadian Experience Class, on our Express Entry page. If you are a prospective applicant or a potential immigrant please subscribe to our newsletter to keep you updated round the clock to the changes in complex Canadian Immigration rules.

Remember Immigration Exploring is here to help you with, no matter whatever your immigration needs are. We are a comprehensive service provider in Canadian immigration with a focus on customer satisfaction based on trust and reliability.

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