Quebec immigration programs are administered by Canadian Province of Quebec itself.  Eligibility requirements and selection criteria are stable and distinct from other provincial immigration programs and federal immigration programs.  Applicants interested in Quebec are to undergo a twostep Immigration process. To be eligible for Quebec Program candidates need to be selected by the Ministere de l’immigration at de Communite Culturelles (MICC) which regulates Quebec Immigration. And selected applicants will receive a certificate of selection from Quebec Government which is known as Certificat de Selection du Quebec (CSQ)

An eligible CSQ holder, Quebec Immigration applicant can file an application for Canada, P.R with Government of Canada’s Immigration authority known as Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  IRCC is responsible for granting Canada permanent resident visa on an applicant’s passport but before approving your application and  stamping PR visa they will conduct background health and criminal check.Please utilize our screening service to know the facts about your immigration opportunities by visiting our exclusive services page.

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